A Mask .

I’m feeling kinda pekchek , thus I’m here to post . I don’t know why , some people just tend to step ;)

Yes step. Step = act. Step big. Shitface can? -.- When R's still in that 'family', you guys were so darn fucking close with her. It's a game only what. She has her own freedom of choosing her friends, of choosing her own 'family'. It's a game only what, why make such a big fuss?
People quit then quit lah. Must you post it out in the ‘fam’ blog about how happy you are that she has left? Have you even considered her feelings , before you even posted it out? Obviously no right?

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Have Some Limit.

Yesterday’s first post was a rush :X Because dad scolded me & my brothers for using the comp for like so long , then wake up very late ;\

Thus, I’ve updated my blog today already. After 2 days I guess.

I’ve really enjoyed myself with the Prataians.

They totally rocks okay!

And , <i>You</i> . No point getting all ji du.

We’ve our own freedom of choosing our friends , choosing who we want to be with together . Yeah , we know you’ve got the company of C. And if you tell her about us getting close to Prataians, damn , I’ll hate you alot okay.


Okay bye.

First post.

update main blog tomorrow. Okay bye.

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